Planning Ahead

What to look for in a Service Provider

When choosing a funeral home for you or a loved one, find a facility that can meet your needs and accommodate your particular wishes, and has experience planning the type of funeral you desire. From newspaper ads to asking friends and family members to searching the web, there are many ways to find funeral homes in your area.

Ask friends and family members about any funeral home experiences they’ve had, look at funeral homes’ websites, and search for local funeral homes using online directories.

Here are a few questions, your family should ask yourselves before randomly selecting a Funeral Home or going with one you have always gone with:

  • Do you feel like the funeral director understands the type of funeral you want and is committed to helping you achieve your vision?

  • Are they just too busy for your family to be a priority?

  • Does the funeral home offer the goods and services you’re interested in purchasing?

  • Does the funeral home offer affordable goods and services?

  • Does the funeral home have the type of facilities you need, such as handicapped bathrooms, a private holding room before a service, etc.?

  • Does the funeral director understand your religious and cultural needs? Has the funeral home ever prepared a funeral according to your religious or cultural customs?

Once you have answered these questions; you will discover that there is no other real comparison between E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment and other local Funeral Homes. Once you have selected us; call (757) 327-4400 to schedule your appointment.