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We've buried my loved one; whats next?

Some of the following may require a certified death certificate, marriage license, or employer information. Take certified death certificate to banks, credit unions and any lenders.  
The following information may be of use to you and your family to finalize your loved ones affairs. A death certificate may be required: 
Life Insurance Companies or other outstanding balances. All creditors will need to be notified and debts satisfied.  If any suspicious claims be found, please call the  
Consumer Protection Division (804) 367-8504 
Change Names on: 
Motor Vehicles (757) 461-1919 
Virginia Power 1-888-667-3000 
Virginia Natural Gas (757) 446-5550 
Sewer and Water: 
Portsmouth (757) 393-8524 
Norfolk (757) 441-5813 
Chesapeake (757) 382-6352 
Suffolk (757) 923-3675 
Virginia Beach (757) 427-4631 
All other Insurances. If necessary, you will want to review and change your beneficiary on all insurances. 
Find out all necessary taxes owed, and call the following localities: 
Federal & Virginia State 1-800-829-1040 
Portsmouth (757) 393-8561 
Norfolk (757) 441-2931 
Chesapeake (757) 547-6281 
Suffolk (757) 923-3600 
Virginia Beach (757) 427-4445 
Civil Service (202) 606-0500 
Air Force (757) 764-5231 
Navy (757) 444-2102 
Army (757) 878-1118 
Marine Corps 1-800-336-4649 
Probate Court 
File a will in Probate Court, in the city which the deceased resided at the time of death. 
Portsmouth (757) 393-8671 
Virginia Beach (757) 427-8831 
Norfolk (757) 664-4385 
Chesapeake (757) 382-3000 
Veterans Administration 
E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment will complete all of the forms for your burial benefits.  
Contact the Veterans Affair for additional benefits. 
Tidewater Office (757) 455-0814 
Roanoke Office 1-800-827-1000 
For Survivor Benefit Plan (for retirees) 1-800-269-5170 
Note: You will need the following: 
DD 214 Form  
Marriage License, Death Certificate Birth Certificate 
Social Security 
E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment will submit Form 721.  Contact the Social Security office at the following numbers. 
Portsmouth (757) 465-4896 
Norfolk (757) 858-6198 
Virginia Beach (757) 498-8726 
National Number 1-800-772-1213 
Military, Government Benefits 
At the nearest Military Base, there is a Casualty Assistance Center.  Their purpose is for counseling survivors, help in applying for Military benefits.  If your spouse retired before September 21, 1972 contact Retired Serviceman’s Family Protection Plan concerning possible benefits. If after September 21, 1972 contact his or her branch of service; or  
 DFAS Cleveland Center 
 P.O. Box 99191 
 Cleveland, Ohio 44199-1126 
Veterans Affairs and the branch of service do not keep service records.  Those records are kept at NPRC (National Personnel Records Center). You can call and send a formal written request with enough information about the deceased for the record to be located: 
 National Personnel Records Center 
 Military Personnel Records 
 700 Pennsylvania Avenue 
 Washington, DC 20408 
Railroad Workers Benefits 
If the deceased was employed by the railroad over 10 years, you may be eligible to receive Railroad Worker Benefits under the Railroad Retirement Act.  You may call 
1-800-808-0772 or online at 
You will need the following documents:  
Birth Certificates, Marriage License, Death Certificate, Birth Certificates for Birth Children, W2 for deceased from the previous year, earning status of surviving spouse. 

Note: The purpose of this section is for informational use only; and is not intended to replace professionals. 

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